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Green Packaging - Sustainability

Green Packaging - Sustainability

Packaging has been one our biggest challenges so far in the business. It's such a fine balance between ensuring the products get to our customers safely and securely, while at the same time being mindful of how we can minimise the amount of packaging we use and the types of packaging we send out.

We've managed to get all our packaging to be made from recycled materials or where this hasn't been possible, the materials are biodegrade or fully recyclable. We've also committed to using "Loop" cardboard boxes which are recycled and recyclable....,meaning there is zero new waste generated. 

Having said that, we are also going to be reusing packaging that we have been sent from our suppliers, which sometimes (it pains me to say) contains bubble wrap and plastic covers. I decided very early on it was a fake form of being environmentally friendly to throw this away and replace with new recycled packaging just for please don't be shocked if you receive some plastic packaging. We are trying to work with suppliers that feel like us too, but for some products it's tricky at the moment. 

Needless to say, 100% of our bought in packaging is environmentally sustainable.