About Us

Hello and welcome to Rhool! My name is Frances and I'm very glad you've found my site and are having a look around.

I created the shop having renovated several houses over the years, and can hold my hand up to spending far too much time looking at homeware shops online and in person - a bit like my obsessive daily check in on house sale websites! It's been a dream for a while to be able to collect and curate a range of homewares and accessories which I feel can all complement and live with each other visually. Based in South Devon, this is an independent family run business and a true labour of love for me.

With a degree in Glass Making and Ceramics I've always had an eye on design and creative ways of expressing our ideas.  For the last 10 years I've been filming weddings and events across the globe, where I've been lucky enough to have had access to some incredible venues and locations, which have really given me a love of elegant interiors with global design influences. 

Alongside this is an increasing concern for and urge to preserve our resources and environment. I made a pledge with myself to stock as much ethically and sustainably sourced items that I could. Some are more so than others, but this an area I will be developing and continue to source new suppliers to be able to do this. I try and find products that are timeless in design, use natural materials and making processes and encourage you all to buy wisely...don't follow trends, don't over buy, buy pieces you think will last for years, that won't date and will still look beautiful in 20 years time.  

Thank you for reading, if you have any suggestions for products or are a designer maker yourself, please get in touch,