Our Packaging

All of the packaging we have purchased for delivering your products safely and securely is made from Recycled materials and sustainable sourced. Much of it is biodegradable too and all recyclable.

  • Biodegradable Wrapping    We use a die-cut craft paper with a tissue interleaf system to wrap and pack fragile ceramics and glassware. The paper expands to create a 3D honeycomb structure which provides a unique and environmentally friendly wrapping product that cushions and protects.

  • Brown Paper Tape   Plastic free Kraft Brown paper tape which is environmentally friendly and has a with silicon- free backing. Fully recyclable.

  • Straw paper  Used for void fill in boxes and also as a protective wrap on delicate items. partly made from recycled materials and is itself naturally biodegradable. A special additive is included during production to allow the bubble film to be biodegradable within 12-24 months.

  • Cardboard Boxes and Kraft Brown Paper  All our cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper and are part of the "Loop" packaging system meant they are recyclable too. Thick Kraft brown paper is also used to warp items that don't need a box or have already been been supplied to us in packaging.

  • Bubble Wrap All the bubble wrap we buy fo the shop is green in colour and is biodegradable. We also reuse any bubblewrap that the items may have been sent in from the supplier.

**Please note** We also re-use any packaging materials that our items may have arrived in from our suppliers, including sometimes plastic protective covers on cushion covers, or maybe polystyrene foam to hold objects in place. It's not perfect and we try and get our supplies from companies that feel like we do, but it's not always possible with fragile goods. It simply does not make environmental sense to throw these away and use new packaging. Hopefully you can reuse anything we send you that can't be recycled. 

For anymore info on our packaging or questions you may have please email